Meet The Team

Here at Le Vow Bridal, our dedicated team will help you with all your bridal wear needs from A to Z. 


Eliza holding a white wedding dress

Eliza Nguyen 

Hair and Makeup Specialist/Wedding Dress Consultant 

With over 6 years of experience providing superb hair and makeup to the women of Perth, Eliza will make sure you will look your very best on your wedding day. As a qualified makeup artist who specialises in bridal hair and makeup,  she will give you a makeup look that compliments you and your dress. Eliza also offers makeup trial appointments before your wedding date and can come to you on the day. If you would like to book an appointment with Eliza for hair and makeup or would like to see her work, please click here


Eliza also specialises in making your dream dress come true. She will help you design your dress from sketch and will bring it to reality. Book an appointment with us now! 



Katie holding custom preserved flower crown

Katie Nguyen 

Preserved Flower Accessory Designer/Wedding Dress Consultant 

Wedding Dress Accessories are Katie's specialty. She loves creating custom preserve flower combs, crowns, button holes and bouquets to give your wedding attire a pop of colour! Katie can create accessories that fits your style and that compliment your makeup. 


Katie will also assist you during your wedding dress viewing appointment and can help recommend a style that suits you and your budget. 



Li-Jene Gan 

Wedding Dress Consultant 

Li-Jene is Le Vow Bridal's newest addition to the team. She goes by the nickname LJ. She is enthusiastic about recommending and helping you find your perfect wedding dress of your dreams!




Customer Experience Officer (CEO)

Fern is the life of the party here at Le Vow Bridal and is our Customer Experience Officer (CEO). Fern isn't afraid to steal your man, so be careful. Fern loves the spotlight and will get upset if she doesn't get her desired level of attention. She also is obsessed with food  and goes by the nickname "Chonk"