Care and Handling of products

Purchased Dresses and Gowns

Le Vow Bridal recommends professional dry cleaning in order to maintain the original appearance of your dress. Please consult professional should any stain, dirt, or wrinkle found on the dress and gown. We urge our customer NOT to use home remedy or any other improper method to clean or fix the dress.

Proper handling and cleaning of your dress will ensure the following benefits:

  • Appearance of dress will be maintained;
  • Color fading will be minimized; and
  • Life of fabric will be extended.

Preserved Flowers

Our products are natural real flowers that have preserved to maintain their fresh look and softness for several years depending on individual’s maintenance and care. Le Vow Bridal recommends proper handling of these fragile preserved flowers. The following is the suggested consideration that customers should be aware of:

  • Please DO NOT water the preserved flowers. Water may cause leakage, staining or other similar damage to flowers or to other products.
  • Please avoid storing flowers in humid or wet environment such as bathroom. Wet environment will cause the flowers to absorb the moisture and may affect the color and texture of the flower.
  • Please avoid direct contact with clothes or fabrics as the color may stain or fade.
  • Please keep the flowers away from direct sunlight. It may cause the color to fade or lose its lively appearance.


Le Vow Bridal preserved flowers are cultivated for decorative purposes only and it is not edible. In case of accidental ingestion, please seek medical attention immediately.



Custom dress

Once you decide to proceed with ordering your custom dress, a 50% non refundable deposit is required. The remaining balance is due at your first dress fitting. 

Made-to-measure dresses

A 50 % non-refundable deposit is required.

Off-the-rack sales 

All off-the-rack purchases must be paid in full. If the customer is unable to pay the dress in full, they may choose to pay 50% to reserve their dress from being rented or bought. However, the dress will be kept on the rack as a sample dress.

Return and Refund Policy

Le Vow Bridal aims to provide the best customer experience in choosing the perfect dress of the big day for every bride. Before shipping our gowns to the consumers, all the goods will be checked, carefully package before sending out with tracking numbers. We sincerely appreciate our customers reading through return policy and terms and conditions on this website should there be any alternation, cancellation, exchange or refund required. Please note, refund or exchange options are limited to once per item purchased.

Return and Exchange policy of purchased products:

Should there be any defect, unfit, and/or dissatisfaction, we kindly ask our customers to notify us at immediately within 3 working days upon receiving the product. Please enclose the following information should you have a problem with the product:

  1. Photos of the defective purchased product;
  2. Reasons of dissatisfaction (eg unfit); and
  3. Proof of purchase. (eg receipt)

As soon as we receive the above notification, our team will attend to the matter as soon as practicable. We will review the matter accordingly and hope to provide our customer with a reasonable solution. We kindly require you to return the dress without removing tags, altering, or washing it. Returns and exchange may be handled on an individual basis. Le Vow Bridal will not be responsible for the wear and tear or handling of the product after the purchase.

Refund & Replacement

If the problem is major, please follow steps above in notifying our team. Subject to customer’s reasons of dissatisfaction and Le Vow Bridal’s discretion, we will provide you with a partial refund. Le Vow Bridal reserves all rights to approve or decline refund/ exhange requests. Please note that dress must be returned in perfect condition to receive refund or replacement service. Once we receive the dress, we will proceed with the appropriate compensation either as a refund, replacement or store credit. The compensation is be outined in a form customer's will have read and signed before making the payment. 

If the problem not major and can be repaired within a reasonable time, customers cannot reject the goods and demand for refund. Customers cannot reject goods that have been thrown away, destroy, lost or damage through no fault of Le Vow Bridal, after delivery to the consumer. Please refer to Alteration section if is applicable.


Sample dresses are sold as is, therefore any alterations will incur an additional cost.

Made-to-measure and custom orders

In-store purchase: If the alteration is due to a design issue where the finished product does not match up to the "Custom dress order" form, we will alter it. Any alterations due the customer's change of mind will incur additional costs.

Online purchase: We understand it can be frustrating if the dress doesn’t fit perfectly as promised due to any reasons. Le Vow Bridal Pty Ltd Bridal is more than happy to transfer you up to $100 to use at your local tailor shop. To be eligible for this, we require our customers to show a proof of tailor (receipt from the tailor) and we will reimburse accordingly. We understand that it may be a problem in alteration for the local tailor or customer to look for identical fabric that fits the unfit dress. 


Le Vow Bridal commits to efficiency in making the product that customers have ordered.

All dress order deposits are non-refundable.

Cancellation of sample dresses will be assessed on an individual basis. Sample dresses bought in store are non-refundable.


Return and Exchange of rental products:

Online customers

To return rental products, please put the products in the prepaid return bag provided and drop it off at your nearest Post Office. Failure of returning the products without notice will result in the forfeiture of bond payment. If the dress is damaged i.e rips, tears, missing parts, tough stains, etc, the bond will be partially or fully forfeited.

Should the product be unfit, customers should notify us immediately or on the same day at upon receiving the product. IF used, there will be no replacement. Please enclose the following information should you have a problem with the product:

  1. Photos of reasons of dissatisfaction (eg unfit); and
  2. Proof of purchase. (eg receipt)

As soon as we receive the above notification, our team will attend to the matter as soon as practicable. We will review the matter accordingly and hope to provide our customer with a reasonable replacement. We kindly require you to return the dress without using, altering or washing it. Returns and exchange may be handled on an individual basis.

Depending on inventory availability, we will confirm by email if a replacement can be made. We will try replace the similar type and similar value of product depending on the reasons for replacement. If the replacing size is not available, we will then issue Le Vow Bridal credits for the full rental fee (less shipping costs) of the product for future rentals of our products.

Please refer to size chart carefully, for hire dresses. Should the customer have any question, Le Vow Bridal is more than happy to assist.


Size Chart, Fitting, Colour Issues

We require specifications and measurements of your body to ensure the wedding gown is crafted and fit perfectly for you. 


Shipping and Delivery Information

Le Vow Bridal Pty Ltd provides custom made dresses that are individually tailored for each bride.

Depending on the product that the customers have chosen, Le Vow Bridal Boutique dispatches orders as soon as the wedding dress is completed. Our team will double check and take photos to ensure the quality and sizing of the product is accurate to customers’ specification. We will email our customers with confirmation email that the product has been dispatched. The confirmation email will include a few photos of the ordered dress and parcel’s tracking information.

Please note that we cannot deliver to a PO Box address. We fully understand the importance of the product to our customer thus, signing off is required upon receive of the parcel.

Should you have missed your parcel, please do not panic as a calling card will be left at your door step. Please contact the delivery person and rearrange your pick up options.

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