Real brides- Mäeva in a Le Vow custom gown

July 18, 2020

Le Vow Bridal

Mäeva got married to the love of her life amongst the COVID-19 madness in late March. Despite the craziness and a sudden change of plans, her simple marriage ceremony was perfect with her husband, perfect dress and the presence of God.

1) How did you find "the one"? 

     It was a custom made one - I knew exactly what I wanted. I saw the dress while browsing online and fell in love with it. It was too expensive to buy it straight from the provider so I got it custom made.

2) Where did you get married? 

     I got married at Mater Christi Catholic Church in Yangebup on the 7th of April 2020 at 7pm.


Maeva wearing a long sleeves lace wedding dress with soft crepe skirt and buttons


3)How did you style your gown on the special day?

    I was wearing a cathedral type veil (made by Le Vow as well) with a multicolour flower crown and some pearls earrings which matched with the pearls on my dress. To finish up, I wore sparkly silver shoes.

4) How did COVID-19 impact your wedding? 

 Covid-19 impacted our wedding big time. We were supposed to get married on the 7th of July 2020 with immediate and extended family coming from Melbourne and Mauritius mainly, but also with others around the world. Unfortunately, with borders all closed, not knowing when the virus will be completely eradicated and all the lockdown saga, we were scared we would not be able to be together during this crisis (being Catholics, we were not living together) and we were not planning to wait another year to get married. It was already an emotional roller coaster for us and to top it up, when we decided to get married, the 5 people restriction came into effect, which means nobody else would be able to come. I was so happy that my wedding dress and veil arrived during the perfect timing and I decided to go artificial with my flowers. Even though I had to do my own manicure, pedicure and make up, I was lucky and grateful that my hair dresser was able to come to do my curly hair. It was definitely not the wedding we imagined, but it worked out very well for us and everybody from around the world got to watch us get married during the lockdown period. They were very supportive and we felt loved and blessed even if they were not physically present. The next day, we dressed up again and went to have a photoshoot in Fremantle which was very fun.
Custom made cathedral length veil with matching lace to wedding dress

5) What made your day extra special? 

     The fact that we had so many people watching our live-streamed wedding (even those who we did not invite) and receiving all the blessings and love via messages after the wedding made it extra-special to us. 

6) Le Vow bridal Testimonial 

     It was very lovely to deal with Eliza for making my dream wedding dress! She was very attentive and listened to what I wanted and confirmed all the details with me as well before sending the details off to the dress maker. She was honest with me with what they could and could not do as well with the wedding dress and we tried to work around it. Even when the dress arrived, there were a few adjustments that needed to be done and she was happy to do them without any hesitation. She was flexible and accommodated my sudden change of plans very well. I got my wedding dress a week before the wedding and Eliza came to drop the veil a few days before the wedding which was very nice of her. It was a pleasure to meet Eliza and I would recommend Le Vow Bridal to all brides who are on a budget as they can make your dream wedding dress come alive and that's what happened to me.
Wedding dress with long 70 cm train and bustle

7) Do you have advice or words of wisdom for future brides?

     Do whatever your heart tells you to do. It can become very hectic with everybody's opinion and expectations but in the end, a wedding is about your partner, yourself and God (if you believe in him). He definitely helped us a lot through this process and we have no regrets.



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