Everlasting Memories

Everlasting Memories

March 20, 2017

Flowers that never fade:

Most of the time flowers remind us about the great memories in life, it is often used for festivals such as weddings, mother’s day, birthdays or Valentine’s Day. Although it feels great receiving flowers, some people may think it is a waste of money. It is even more frustrating to witness these beautiful flowers withering after a couple of days, in other words they have a very short life span. There are different method to preserved flowers.


The best known method is to leave them to dry by dehydrating naturally. This method
 is the most commonly used method to preserve flowers at home where the flowers need to be bundled up using ribbon and hung upside down out of direct sunlight in a warm, well ventilated place. Using this method may result in flowers discoloration, flower petals wrinkled up due to dehydration.
During the olden days, flowers were preserved using the method of Pressing or Glycerine, unfortunately these methods fail to maintain the color, shape and texture. These days the flowers preservation technologies have significantly improved during the past few years in order to eliminate unwanted flowers discoloration and change of shape. These technologies allow suppliers to dehydrate flowers and make them into different products. One of the most popular method is freeze drying.

Freeze drying was initially introduced back in 1813, this technology had since advanced further in Japan. It involves freezing the flowers for at least 12 hours and slowly vacuum the moisture out of the flowers to maintain the shape, texture and nature color for up to 7 years. For this reason, freeze dried flowers are now very popular among brides and widely used in other industries.   Why throw away your flowers accessories if you can keep them?

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