March 05, 2024


Are you planning a romantic elopement in Perth? Congratulations! Now that you've chosen the perfect partner and location, it's time to find the ideal dress to make your special day even more magical. With so many options available, selecting the right elopement dress can feel overwhelming. But fear not! We're here to help you navigate this exciting journey with our top four tips for choosing the perfect elopement dress in Perth.

Your wedding is made simpler, and you have more creative freedom when you choose to elope. Elopements are still romantic, but they are no longer secret. You can also involve family and friends in the planning of the trip, even taking them shopping for elopement wedding gowns. 

Typically, purchasing a conventional bridal gown is not necessary for an elopement. However, that doesn't mean you shouldn't give your elopement wedding dress some careful attention. Numerous options exist for elopement dresses, such as Boho Wedding Dresses Perth, Glamorous Wedding Dresses, and Minimalist Wedding Dresses.

Choosing a more laid-back look gives you more options for styling. But before you go shopping, think about a few things that will inspire you to come up with ideal elopement wedding gowns.


1. Prioritize comfort

Comfort should be the main consideration while selecting an elopement outfit. An essential factor to take into account. if you're organizing a favorite pastime of yours, such as picnicking, riding, kayaking, or camping. These, along with all other athletic options, call for an ensemble that is both stylish and comfortable to wear. Experiment with other groups and ensure that you are free to do as you choose. They must also complement the setting and enhance your beauty on your big day.

2. The right fabric is essential for your elopement dress

Your comfort and mobility on your wedding day will be influenced by the fabric you choose, and its durability will probably be put to the test on your elopement day. Choosing a fabric that can resist those conditions is essential to having a comfortable wedding day since, depending on the destinations you choose to tour, you may be exposed to a variety of weather and terrain on your wedding day. Take into account the weather and where you are planning your elopement. A lightweight, breathable fabric might be a nice choice if you're getting married in a hot region; if you're eloping in a colder climate, you might want to think about going with something heavier.

3. Choose colors that match the context

If you're not sure what color to wear instead of white, think about the setting of your elopement ceremony. Select colors that go well with your style and have an impact on the garment. For example, light greens or delicate flower patterns will look fantastic if your wedding is taking place in a forest. In terms of aesthetics, designs that are airy and delicate, like cottagecore or boho, would be ideal for this kind of setting.

4. Consider the climate

Inclement weather is a common occurrence, particularly when planning an outdoor elopement. Choosing your elopement dress with the location of your elopement in mind will guarantee the best possible elopement day. Wear clothing appropriate for the weather and be ready for any sudden changes.

If you're being married in a colder region, you should wear a dress with long sleeves, or you might wear your dress layered with a sweater or shawl. If you're being married in a warmer climate, you should wear a dress that breathes well and is lightweight to help you stay cool. If you plan to elope in an area where it's likely to rain, think about wearing a dress that won't be too bulky in the event that you get wet. Additionally, pick clothing that won't stick to your body if you're eloping in an area with a lot of humidity.


You may choose an elopement dress for your outdoor adventure wedding that is both gorgeous and useful by keeping these suggestions in mind. On this wonderful day, don't let your dress stop you from exploring and having a blast! But keep in mind that your dress is still ideal for an elopement, even if it doesn't follow these suggestions, as long as you feel gorgeous and secure. 

Although it might initially seem overwhelming, finding the ideal elopement dress in Perth can be a lot of fun! When you go shopping, have an open mind and seek for the dress that best fits your personality! Choose gowns that are not too heavy and will last the experience, and make sure you pack them carefully!

The ideal elopement dress is one that expresses you, even though you can use this guide to help you sort through the various materials, accessories, and concepts that come with the hunt! The day is all about you and your partner, so don't let the stress of organizing your elopement get to you.

Get in touch if you need a perfect elopement dress in Perth for your important date; Levow Bridal would be pleased to assist you in organising each stage of this wonderful journey!

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