Natalie - Sample Dress Size 6-8

  • Natalie is a dress that comes with many options so in between the ceremony or the reception or the reception and the romantic photo shoot; you can switch your style whenever you wish. There's quite a lot you can choose from because this dress was styled to be gorgeously versatile. The dress can be worn two ways, or it can be worn in the form of a figure-hugging mermaid cut. You can even switch things around by adding a trailing skirt to it.

    A tulle skirt would gorgeously transform your look from a dramatic mermaid to a more elegant fairytale style aura that came right out of a wonderful dream. The dress features a sharp V cut plunging back that cinches in at the waist to accentuate your figure. The entire length of the gown features delicate applique work studded carefully with crystals giving the illusion of lacework.

    In the mermaid style, the dress continues to hug the figure till the hips before fanning out into a subtle train but should you choose to add a tulle skirt; the dress would change more visibly with the skirt fanning out at the waistline. It's possible to look gorgeous in more ways than one on your big day and Natalie is the proof of that.

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