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  • Hannah is the perfect pick for the bride that values simple grace and beauty as much as comfort and convenience. A huge part of enjoying your big day involves you enjoying it and how can you enjoy it if you are stuffed in a dress that looks good but makes you uncomfortable? Here's Hannah to the rescue with its simply exquisite cut and smooth seams, so you remain swathed in the yard of gorgeousness while feeling gorgeously at home at the same time and while Hannah is a comfortable pick, it does not in any way compromise on its aesthetic appeal.

    Hannah features a top half that is gorgeously pleated with organza on the chest. The organza is set to provide an illusion of graceful layering and the back dips slightly lower than the chest. The dress then follows the body's natural curves closely from the torso onto the waist and then the hips in the form of soft silky fabric.

    The dress is held firmly in place by braided silk strands that mimic the corset pattern. This helps Hannah follow your curves very closely and accentuate your figure in a very cozy way. The gown then trails off in the form of a very subtle trail. The dress can be worn on your ceremony, but it can also double for a very comfortable wedding nightgown, so you need not worry about extra details. 

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