Le Vow Bridal

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  • This gorgeous dress plucked elegance out of fantasy land and fused it with modernity to pay homage to present day’s women. Gorgeously clad in this dress, any woman can walk down the aisle with unrivaled pride and grace. The dress combines modernity with rich tradition because it makes use of detailed yet delicate lacework and combines it with pure silk to get that exquisite fall and gracefully trailing long train.

    The dress features a falling silk fabric coupled with intricately patterned lacework that spans over the sleeves and partially the back of the dress. The front is made of soft silk that has been seamed to reveal the feminine figure in its most flattering form. This dress is elegantly backless since it features delicate lacework on top and arching strands spanning over the back. The dress closes up at the small of the waist, hugging the hips before flowing into a gorgeous silk train. Wear it outdoors or indoors; it is entirely your choice because this bridal dress is versatile enough to go with any setting. The right pick for you if you want a dress that flaunts your figure while remaining subtle.

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    10 hours+ $550.00
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