Real Bride- Genevieve in Le Vow Bridal custom gown

March 11, 2021

Le Vow Bridal

  • Tell us about your wedding 

          My wedding was on the 19th of September 2021 at the Queen of Apostles            Parish in Riverton. We had 29 guests.


  • What made your big day extra special?
Just getting the groom to Australia was very difficult so after 4 months of waiting for travel exemptions and 6 weeks from him arriving to Australia to finally seeing each other. All before the visa expiry date was special. My dad who was very unwell at the beginning of the year also managed to be well enough to attend my wedding. The food on the day was extra delicious. For something I planned for in a rush. I’m so happy about the how everything went on the day.
  • How did you find your dream dress and why did you choose to get it from Le Vow Bridal? 

I tried nearly every dress available in the store. Eliza was very accommodating and not pressuring you at all. She was very patient and helped you in and out of each dress. I initially wanted to rent but the price of the custom-made dress was so good. In fact, it was even more affordable than the veil that another shop I visited the day before was offering so I could not pass the opportunity up.

The turnaround time for my custom dress was faster than one being made locally. The design of my dress ended up being based off a sample dress with added sleeves, but once it was completed, it looked better than I could have imagined or expected.


  • How did you style your dress on your wedding day? 

The dress was so long so I just used older comfy heels that I had. No one could see them anyway, hair accessory I bought overseas I added. No jewellery because I was scared it would get caught on the lace of the dress.


  • What advice would you give you future brides/ were there any challenges you found leading up to your wedding and how did you resolve them?
My challenges were all the travel bans and restrictions for overseas travellers rather than the vendors. Other than that, I thought every vendor I asked were very understanding in terms of the situation.
My wedding was originally in May and then postponed to date unknown. I put it everything on hold. When my fiancé managed to get into the country, I basically planned the rest within a months’ notice and all the major vendors were still available and I just added the rest which I did not previously organise. Even the cake maker managed to fit me in. While others also needed 6 months’ notice. I was very fortunate.


  • Review of Le Vow Bridal 
Le Vow was the second dress shop I tried. Was looking for rental dress as the previous shop for dresses was so overpriced. But the prices were so good at Le Vow I decided to purchase a custom-made dress. Eliza went through trying all the dresses available and asked which one I liked the most and allowed me to adjust the dress to suit my style and what I wanted more. The whole process from payment to manufacturing the dress only took a month while other custom dress makes needed 6 to 12 months’ notice. When My wedding was postponed. I was also given the option to store at the shop until my wedding date.
 I didn’t have a make up artist at the time and Le Vow had all together (view our packages). So, I was so happy it was one less vendor to research. Very happy with the service. Out of all the vendors this one was one of the easiest to work with both within my budget and my schedule. Could not have asked for more.


  • Name of wedding suppliers:
Flowers: Flowers By Anne 
Photographer: CamFeels Creative
Reception venue: 8 on the Point Chinese
Cake Vendor: Cakes by Dark Cherry
Printing Vendor: Gateway Printing
Car Vendor: Belle Classic Limousines

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